surfing perfect waves in crystal-clear water and under the bright sun


under surveillance in the afternoon

Our Surfcamp

is the most complete and exciting surfing courses in the island


Fuerteventura, with an average temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year.


Surfcamp Fuerteventura Las Dunas is located in Corralejo, a beautiful village traditionally dedicated to cattle farming and fishing. Throughout the years, the village has increasingly turned into one of the most important tourist and surf destinations. About 90% of the local population practices some type of gliding sport: surf, wind surf, kite surf, etc.

The Surfcamp Fuerteventura is in Corralejo’s “city-centre”, in front of “El Campanario” shopping centre, where you will find our comfortable facilities with spacious rooms and our nice and pleasant staff members eager to help you out. It has 3 floors and an outstanding attic, perfect to enjoy the fantastic weather of the island. You can also enjoy our swimming pool and the delicious BBQ’s we plan right after your surf day. There’s also a skate-park available a few steps away from the camp if you’re willing to go skateboarding during your free time.

What offers you?

Surfcamp Fuerteventura offer you the most complete and exciting surfing courses in the island, surfing perfect waves for 4 hours per day in crystal-clear water and under the bright sun. Every single day: a brand new adventure searching for the best wave in the island.


Rates & bookings


The villa we offer as accommodation is three stories high with a penthouse at the top and comes complete comes with a pool, perfect for relaxing after a day out at sea and enjoying the wonderful weather on this island paradise. Las Dunas organises barbecues occasionally for our guests after a day of surf lessons.

Our villa rooms are cosy, comfortable and clean and our guests have complete access to all facilities on the compound, making Surfcamp Fuerteventura Las Dunas the best surf camp in Fuerteventura all year round. Our friendly staff are always on hand to assist you, should you have any additional requests.

We love complementary activities like skating, beach volleyball, mountain, biking (mountain bike), fishing, yoga, visit Lobos Island, trekking to volcanoes, visit to the big dunes of Corralejo, boggys route and many fun games.

FreeSurf under surveillance in the afternoon.

Multimedia: Wi-Fi, TV, DVD, Playstation, computer, phone.

Rental of all types of surfboards.

Transportation to / from airport 24 hours.

Complementary activities.

Friendship, good vibes and Great fun guaranteed.

In Fuerteventura, where better?

Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, located about 100km West from the African coast (close to the border between Morocco and the Western Sahara). Known as the European Hawaii due to the quality of its waves, Fuerteventura is a genuine surfing paradise with an average temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year, where the sun shines and the waves arise almost every single day of the year.

The island is directly exposed to the heavy swell of the Atlantic Sea, so you can always find a “perfect-wind” area for surfing throughout the 365 km of Fuerteventura’s coast.

You will find all kinds of waves: long and maneuverable waves, small and tubes, soft and calm, for pros and beginners, etc. An actual paradise, no matter your tastes or level. Here are some names of well known Fuerteventura waves: El Hierro (The Iron), Lobos (Wolves), El Cotillo, Kirrita, Bristol, Mejillones (Mussels), Acid Drop and many more.


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